Why I play with my writing

In the past ten or so years I’ve learned two very important things regarding my writing.

One is that when I play with words, I never lose. I always gain something fresh and new, something I could not have written before.

Play teaches me my voice.

The second is that when I play I allow myself to get out of the realm of thoughts (aka the mind) into a complete state of “let’s see what happens when I just let my hands move over the keyboard”. Writing this just makes me smile 🙂

And yesterday, I was editing my book, tentatively titled “dear creative soul”, and I played that too. I doodled all over the pages, wrote poetry, and made up some awesome new lines to add to my book.

Because that is the most awesome of all, the moment I start playing with my words, I find new ones that make me feel astounded. That makes me look at the paper or screen, do a double take and think, “Did I write that? Cool!”

This surprise, this jaw drop moment, is what I love most of all 🙂

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