Why I no longer want to hate editing

For the past years I’ve groaned and moaned to my heart’s content about editing. I felt it was soul-crushing and so mind-numbingly dull. 

I am currently editing my novel, and today I decided that I was done with all that negativity. It takes away the joy of something truly profound: the joy of making the story better, of figuring out changes that are going to make something that happens way later in the book way better than I initially tought

I also get to know my characters better. I met them in the first draft, but then didn’t see what I can see now I am editing this intensely again: I see them as three-dimensional characters. 

I see their quirks and I learn what makes them tick, I get to know certain parts of them by writing out short sketches that don’t end up in the book, but that do make the editing process easier. 

It’s awesome how keeping an open mind is making my editing process better. 

And yes, I know, I haven’t gotten into the nitty gritty part of editing yet, the focus on grammar and word choice and all that sort of stuff, but I know that process is something I can get through too. 

Right now, all I want is to see this book in print. I want to hold it in my hand and smile like a madwoman at the cover.

That makes all I do now completely worthwhile, and it makes me all the more happy that I’m a writer. 

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