Why I do my final edits on my iPhone

I am in the finishing stages of my upcoming short story collection (more later this week) and I have discovered something.

This weekend I woke early, and I felt the urge to give my book one final read-through, to see if I want to change the order of the stories, or to find some tiny things I could change.

I was too lazy to get my laptop, instead, I grabbed my phone and started to read, curled up under the blankets.

And, oh my gosh, it is amazing! Reading on a tiny screen helps me see errors I have missed several edits in a row. It also helps me find where the text doesn’t flow, or where I have extra spaces still, despite being convinced I’ve slayed them all.

I know that this will become my new editing practice, first working on the big screen and then, for the final draft, moving to the tiny one.

I am using the Scrivener app, but a text editor app like Byword for iOS or Jotterpad for Android will serve the same purpose.

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