Why I create art

I love to make art as much as I love to write, and I always meander between the two. There are days where I only create art, and just write a quick poem. On other days, I write all day and art is reduced to a small, quick doodle in my journal.

There is one thing that connects all the artworks I create, and that is that the moment my pen touches the paper, I become still, inside. I doodle, the pen arches across the paper, and I find calm.

Art is my meditation, and my lifeline to my muse, to the cauldron of ideas within me. And, in the meditation of creating my art, I find solace.

Art centers me, brings me back to myself. That is why, even years after creating one of my artworks, I can still feel the stillness brewing.

And in that my art is connected to my poetry.

I once told my husband that to me, poetry is painting with words.

And, as I get ready to create another artwork, I know that art is poetry without words.

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