When you don’t want to finish reading a book

This past weekend I have procrastinated finishing a book, Bill Bryson’s At Home. I have another twenty pages to read as I write this post (20:30 on Sunday evening) and I don’t think I will finish the book today.

I really don’t want to leave it yet, the learning, the exploration, the little tidbits of information on the page have so entertained me.

I don’t want to let go!

Then again, adding the book to my list of books I have read this month will be good too.

Going to give it a little bit longer. Sooner or later I will get sick and tired of seeing the book in my currently reading list and then I will read it in one go.

For now, I linger, I read a page three, four times, or just sit with the book in my hand.

This is what makes me a reader. I don’t churn through books like they mean nothing. I am committed, even if it means I let a book sit for a while so I can cherish it a little bit longer before it goes to live on a shelf again.

I have the next book waiting though, and it is a good one, I think. So maybe, just maybe, I will start reading after I finish this post.


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