When you don’t know what to write

I wanted to publish my blog post on Wednesday. I really, really did.

Then, on Wednesday, I sat down, put my hand on the keyboard and nothing came.

Don’t you just hate it when that happens?

I didn’t worry, though. I closed the window and trusted that inspiration would come eventually.

Thursday, still no blog.

This morning, fear roared its ugly head. Why the hell didn’t I know what to write about?

I opened a text editor, stared at it, and waited.

Nothing, not a peep.

And then, just now, I wrote the title of this blog post and I am still writing it. Hurrah!

I guess that the frustration of the past days led me to this point. I really had to write about what to do when words don’t come. Basically, I let it go. I sometimes thought about it these past days, while working on my book for instance, but for the rest, I let it go.

I think that when it comes to writing, I have developed a faith that words will come, eventually. I usually do something else when words won’t come too. I tidy up. I look through my dropbox, my files, google keep. I empty my mailbox, take notes on new projects.

Basically, I clear the way. I clear the way for words. And they always come. Like today 🙂

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