When I don’t blog

Once in a while, my blogging genes just stop working. I usually type up blog posts fast, ten minutes is my average, but this past month, there was just a lot of nothing.

Now, in part this can be explained by what is going on in the world, and with my brain needing to process everything.

But it’s more.

Every time this happens, every time my fingers fall silent and my mind takes over, I go through a leap in my blogging life.

One thing I do have to keep in mind though, and that is to not let fear take over. I just have to allow my creativity to speak, I have to allow it to percolate like good coffee has to.

Sometimes, a new blog post takes time to grow, just like seeds just planted.

I tend to draw a comparison with planting seeds.

When you plant seeds, you don’t get a crop right away. It takes time for seeds to develop in the soil, and then they sprout up to greet the sun.

After a month or so of silence, I can feel my words pushing at the soil to grow into the light.

I can feel inspiration bloom in my mind again.

But before I get to write what waits to be written, I have to acknowledge my process.

Because my process works.

Every single time.

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