When emotions are stronger than the craft

I am editing my book. It is a very slow process, mostly because I am procrastinating it at the moment.

Today, I dive deeper into the why of my procrastination and hope that by the end of it, I will have written myself out of this slump.

Writing is an intimate process, especially writing a novel. You want to drag the reader along on a journey to the end. For that, you need, among a lot of other things, emotions. Your character needs to feel things, and you need to pour those in words.

Emotions and words don’t mix.

Saying, I feel sad, doesn’t show anything about what is really going on in my brain and why I am sad.

In this case, my main character is sad because she is still in the midst of grieving the loss of one of the most important people in her life.

Feeling sad is an understatement when grief slams into you.

Another thing that happens is that when I write about her grief for her grandmother, all I think about is my own grief for my father. If I let that continue to happen, I stop writing and don’t do a thing for hours.

So, there needs to be a balance.

What sort of balance, though? That is what I struggle with at the moment. So I procrastinate.

I could skip the hard to edit scenes and go to the next, but those scenes are crucial for my character development throughout the book.

Now I have written this all down, I see how silly I am, for procrastinating this scene. Because I feel something, I can write what my character feels and make her come alive on the page.

I can write this down with ease, as I am not in the middle of editing the scene that makes me procrastinate. Therefore, I will go right into editing the moment I finish this blog post.

That is the only way to beat procrastination, really. Action. Going the extra mile for your story. And what a gift it is to be able to do so.

Because when it comes down to this, I love being a writer most. That is why I show up on my blog every day and write a post. I didn’t plan to write daily, but I do it anyway.

It makes the most sense to do so, basically 🙂

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