What to create when feeling like crap

For the past couple of months, I have kept a creative log in my planners/bullet journal. In it I wrote everything I’ve created that day, and that is so enlightening. I can definitely recognize days where I was on a creative high, writing tons of words, creating art etc.

Some other days are just meh, only have one or two tiny poems, like haiku’s or elfjes, but for the rest nothing, zilch, nada.

When I look back through my journal and see that kind of days, I know one thing for sure. It happened on a day where I marked something was off. Either Asthma went haywire, I had the flu, was very tired (mutually inclusive) or had a pain flare.

And yet, I did create something on those days. I wrote poetry. Writing haiku’s and elfjes are like breathing for me. They are short, to the point, very playful and most of all, I am able to do them even when I am so tired I can’t see straight. I just grab my phone and tap tap tap, or grab my journal and scribble them down.

Another thing that I really love to do is make bad doodles or write a six word story. All tap into my creativity and make me feel very accomplished despite feeling like crap.

I think everyone should have those short, low energy creative outlets. What, in your form of creativity, comes like breathing for you?

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