Want to learn something new? Set a goal!

It all started with an idea, earlier in the year: “what if I learn French so I can read “le petit prince” in French?”

Just that simple goal has kept me going for almost the whole year and I am 3/4 of the way through Duolingo.

I have tried to learn French before. Many times in fact. I even had an old Duolingo account where I had done 10 lessons or so and then I abandoned the whole thing.

The simple act of setting a goal is all I need to keep going.

I have already decided that I want to learn Spanish next so I can read Pablo Neruda in Spanish.

Learning French wasn’t the only accomplishment this year.

After Glastonbury, I came back with an idea: what if I learn ukulele specifically for one song?

The song in question was Creep by Radiohead.

I am now able to go through the chord changes at a relatively good speed, but it needs to be a little bit better. I have the text ready to print out and before the year is over I should be able to play it. Meanwhile, I have learned and sung along with some songs with simpler chords. (That B-chord is so hard if you have never played a string instrument before 🙂 )

I am now setting a goal for my aromatherapy studies. I didn’t make a lot of progress when the study materials arrived.

So, I am setting a goal: I want to learn how I can sleep and relax better and how I can focus on several health issues I have. And then I want to write about all the things I found on my travels into this knowledge. I already can’t wait to learn!

What do you want to learn? What goals can you set for that?

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