Three Simple Steps: clear your wardrobe

What you will need to clear your wardrobe for good!

1.   a couple of hours
     2.   boxes
     3.   garbage bags
     4.   a lot of free floor space

Step 1 – Toss all your clothes on the floor

Yes, all of it, including the stack of clothes behind the ones you wear every day (guess what you will do with those in the end)

Step 2 – Fit all the clothes

     •    If the item fits and you feel good in them, Fold them neatly or put them on a hanger, and put them back in the wardrobe
     •    If the item is too big/small, if you hate the sight of them, if they fit but you hate them, immediately toss the item in the garbage bag
     •    If you are not sure either way, put them in a box

Step 3 – After the fitting

•    tidy up the wardrobe, make a list of the number of items you have, and what you need extra of for your capsules (more on that in another post)
 •    seal the garbage bags and put them aside for donation (or ebay if they are designer clothes)
•    Tape the boxes shut, and put them in your storage space. If in 3 months time you still haven’t felt the need to dig through them, donate them without opening up the boxes again.

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