Themes and self-sabotaging, oh boy

This is going to be a dangerous post to write, because every time I try to constrict myself to something, the self-sabotaging gremlins in myself start to rebel and refuses to adhere to it.

Let’s say, I am exploring ideas here, and not setting anything in stone.

deep breath


I have written a blog post on here every single day of the year so far (go me!) and through it, every day developed some sort of theme. (Shut up, self-sabotaging gremlins! I meant they are sort of adhering to a theme, in a totally hypothetical sense.)

On Monday and Tuesday, my posts are reading related, on Wednesday I write about writing, mostly, on Saturdays on Simplicity, and on Sundays, the theme is usually growth/spirituality/gratitude etc related.

Thursday is completely random, although lately the theme of play starts to seep through, and on Friday I write a 100-word story unless something else wants to be written before the story presents itself.

I kind of like this broad and very ad-hoc sort of theme, it guides me through the week.

It helped me to write my third blog post within 20 minutes on Sunday night. My self-sabotaging gremlins can suck it.

And the themes are broad enough to fit a lot into them, which makes them extra special. For instance, I posted poetry and posts on yoga on Sunday, and the Simplicity posts for Saturdays are also all over the place.

I like that.

Now this post is done, I might write another one, discussing self-promotion with the self-sabotaging gremlins. Maybe they can shut up long enough for me to shout out about my awesome blog and the fabulous posts I write on there.

Or I can drink tea and eat cookies to calm them down a bit. That works too. Can’t challenge them too much in one go. Poor things might get heart attacks!

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