The physical states

In my blog post: On Procrastination, I wrote about three reasons why I procrastinate. The third reason, called Being protective of my body, deserves a bit of an explanation.

As I stated in the blog post, I have defined 3 “states” my body can be in.

A. Feeling good. Low pain levels, asthma behaves.

B. Feeling physically good but low energy. This calls for doing stuff while lying down.

C. Low energy, asthma out of whack, in pain. This calls for pampering and a lot of Netflix watching. When I stick to this definition, the pain flares are less, the asthma attacks don’t get to bronchitis stage, and I have more days with energy to spare.It is a challenge, and sometimes I still overdo it, by doing way more than I can in a day.  

But, the payment is less too. In the past, I would have weeks where pain flared and I couldn’t do a thing. Now, if I rest well, and sleep a lot on C days, I can be back to basic pain levels in 2 days.

What would your A B C scales be? What do you need to do to keep your body in fewer C days?

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