The one journaling habit that changed my life

I have been journaling ever since childhood.

None of those journals exist anymore, neither those of the much later years.

The journals of the past three years? They exist. They live in a huge plastic crate in my office, and I love to dive in sometimes and leaf through them.

They always leave me with a big smile on my face.

How I do that? It’s simple: I only focus on the positive. Sometimes I refer to the negative, but only in an “I felt like crap but now I am perfectly fine”-way.

I do this because I have realized that negativity is addictive, and staying stuck in a negative thought spiral is very easy. Focusing on the good and on gratitude helps me out of that, and keeps me in a much better mood throughout the day.

I also add in silly doodles, ticket stubs and other things to make my journal my happy place.

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