The joy of digital doodling

I’ve installed Metamoji Note a month or so ago to experiment with digital planning. I bought some cheap styluses and started to play.

I doodled a planner, the images that accompany my blog posts and some other random things.

And then I started to sketch.

I am doing the 100-day project with my wonky doodles and I wanted to see what it would be like.

Within a couple of days, I had made a cover for a sketchbook and most of the doodles I post are digital doodles these days.

The reason why I love digital doodles is that I am learning to doodle all over again.  I learn to work with my styluses and see what works for me and what doesn’t.

I also get to experiment, something that I don’t do in my sketchbooks, as I like to keep it only for my daily doodles.

Another advantage is that I can erase things. I don’t do that all the time, just when I draw lines in the wrong direction.

That is one of the big changes. I look intently before I draw. In my sketchbook I don’t do that, I just start and correct along the way. With my iPad, I usually sit and watch for a while before I draw.

I think I do this because I am learning how to draw again and I fall back on the habits I learned when I first went to art class.

One would think that I take this habit to my sketchbook, but there I still use the look and draw I method.

Funny how just changing the medium can influence the artist in such a way. And I love it!

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