The gift of creativity

When I want to write a blog post, the words sometimes don’t come, no matter how hard I try.

I usually don’t try very hard. Sometimes, blog posts take time to percolate. In that case, I always go and create something else.

I knit, or work on graphics design, or make digital art.

Anything creative, but nothing with words.

Playing around with creativity like that always helps. Always.

Today I decided to make some digital art. After about half an hour, the idea for this blog post bubbled to the surface and I sat down to write it.

It definitely helps to have projects ready to go. Knitting always at hand, my graphics software on the forefront of my phone screen for instance. I don’t need to look for it, just create and wait for the words to come.

And when they do, it always feels like a gift.

Because it is.

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