The Creative Sweet spot

I have been working on minimizing what I carry around with me through the house.

I used to have a craft tote stuffed to the brim with creative stuff. Now I have a small bag.

The path from the tote to the small bag went in steps. I couldn’t have done it any other way.

The way I did it, is by taking note. What did I use? What didn’t I reach for? After a month or so, I tossed out the things I didn’t grab for, and then the new phase began.

After a couple of rounds of that, I have a very pared down bag, with a lot of things that I all use.

My bag now contains:

  1. my art journal
  2. 2 small bags filled with paper scraps
  3. 3 black pens in various thicknesses
  4. a white pen
  5. 8 Talens Ecoline markers
  6. 5 Gelatos
  7. A glue stick
  8. A glue roller
  9. A Van Gogh watercolour set
  10. 4 watercolour brushes in various sizes

That’s it. That’s all I need to create wherever I want to, and it feels so nice.

The next step is looking at the art supplies I have in my office/studio and really cast a critical eye on all I have in there. Do I really need it all? What do I reach for?

It doesn’t matter how long it takes me, but I am confident that one day, I will find the creative sweet spot in there too.

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