The Art of Perfect Afternoons

Yesterday I had a perfect afternoon. I was basking in a playful flurry of creativity. First came creating new art, with a brush pen and coloured pencils. Then I sorted some recent artworks into a large folder, and fished three pieces out to color. I sat at the large wonky-surfaced oak table in front of our living room windows, and basked in streaks of sunlight while my pens filled in the blank spaces with splashes of color.
In the middle of colouring in artwork nr. 3, I had a sudden flash of inspiration on one of the books I am writing and ran to my laptop to open the file of the book and jot it down. The idea was so inspiring that I worked on my book for an hour.
Then this morning I woke up from a dream and thought: “woah, this fits in my book!”
I grabbed my iPad, which is always near me in case of literary emergency, and wrote the dream into my notes and ideas file for the book before doing anything else.
Moments later, the idea for this blog post dropped into my head and I started to write it.
This is play at its simplest. All it takes is a willingness to dive into my creativity, no matter how scary it may seem at first.
This is why getting people to play is my life mission. I know what allowing play in does to me. I know what happens when I let myself create, no matter what it is:
I have perfect afternoons.

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