Ten things I’ve learned from having the flu

I have been sick for the past few weeks, the flu to be precise. During the flu I have learned some things about my body that I keep learning when I have the flu and then keep forgetting the moment the flu is over and normal life resumes.

I need to keep these lessons in mind now, and that is why I trust them to the one page where I can say anything I want: my blog!

I know that some of you must experience the same thing. Do these sound familiar?

  1. Listen to your body. It knows what is good for you to optimise your healing process.
  2. Don’t force yourself to do anything. Just go with da flow.
  3. Drink tons of water. Sing with me: “Gotta flush that bug right out of my gut!”
  4. Don’t overdo when you think you are healed (flu tends to sneak back when you do!)
  5. Sleep is your friend. Sleep heals you, and helps you get the energy to fight the virus.
  6. Don’t punish your body with bad foods. That’s a big one for me. Oh gosh, so big!
  7. Meds don’t help. Those over the counter flu remedies are mostly crap. Take some paracetamol if your head hurts, for the rest your body has got this!
  8. Stay warm. This sounds like a doozy but I can’t even mention the times I slept in a t-shirt and kicked my blankets off during sleep so I lay in bed like a big frozen popsicle. PJ’s are your friend.
  9. Don’t moan at your partner about how bad you feel. Ask them for what you need instead. Like tea, hugs, or cookies.
  10. It’s not your fault. You didn’t do anything to get ill. Just stop beating yourself over the head for feeling ill.

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