Take time to ponder

I haven’t posted anything on Tuesday.

I used to get really stressed out when I found out I missed a posting day, now, not so much. I needed time to ponder. In fact, if I’d need more time to ponder, I would take it today as well.

I think that taking time to ponder is a lost art. It is so liberating to give yourself space to allow words of wisdom to trickle through in the stillness of pondering.

why I need time to ponder

When I’m stressed out about something, driving myself into a frenzy with the anxiety, I know need to take a step back.

At these times, I have a tendency to see things darker than they are, or I assume that what I’m working on isn’t worth the energy.

This is especially the case when I’m working on a new project, like Leap to Joy is for me.

It’s essential at these times to take a step back and just let my mind wander. It’s like looking at an object from all angles in my mind’s eye. I take it all in, observe, and then, finally, I have the whole picture clear in my head.

After that, I can continue with the work at hand, or, as it is in this case, finally write a blog post.

In the past, I would have made harsher decisions. I would have run with the anxiety. That wold have meant that I’d have made abrupt changes. Dropping ideas, moving websites, or creating something entirely new on a whim only to go back later to the old systems I had in place before.

Taking time to ponder, therefor, is essential to me. And I hope I inspire you to take some time to ponder as well!

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