Stop the frustration

Last week I had a pain flare. Have those occasionally and all the time there is some point where I get incredibly frustrated.

Not now though.

The more aware I become of myself and of my automatic responses, the more I see what emotions do to my body.

And getting frustrated tenses up every muscle in my body. I will leave it up to you to guess what that does to the pain levels.

Instead, I lean in. I rest, nourish my body, am gentle to it.

Now that I am mastering my frustrations it will become easier to deal with the other thing that I am not good at during pain spikes: eating good food only.

Sometimes my drug of choice is sweet, sometimes it’s salty. All that this overeating of snacks does to my body is get it to use a lot of energy to deal with all the sugar and salt I add to my body that way.

It is time to start cherishing my body as the gift that it is. And fill my body up with love for myself.
Now that is a state where frustration and overeating lose their hold over me. Perfect.

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