Stay flexible

I am in my early 50’s, and I am sometimes watching the world through the pink coloured glasses of memories of the world I grew up in.

I guess that is something a lot of people do as they grow older until the world today becomes very grim and bleak compared to the memories of the world they grew up in.

And then, as last year has shown, they vote with their fears

I hope I never go there because when I do, I will stop seeing the marvels that are in the world today.

I hope that, as my yoga teaches me, I can stay flexible and see that there is so much beauty.

And, if I do become bitter, please kick me in the shins and point me to my blog, because it is filled with so many posts about love and play and inspiration.

I hope I eventually cry when I read my posts. I hope I will see that life is wonderful, and that there is nothing —other than a stale mind— that will keep me from seeing that

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