Sick of writing? Have adventures!

When I feel completely lost in my writing, I know it’s time for adventures.

And no, I don’t mean you should put on a backpack and head out for an epic trip around the world.

In this case I mean: find inspiration. For instance:

Go to a museum and find the most epic art.

Go to a bookstore and find a book that intrigues you.

Grab your camera and take random pictures in your neighbourhood using weird angles, pointing it at the most boring things you can find or the most awesome things.

Gather ingredients for an awesome recipe you’ve been holding on to.

Make quick sketches in a museum or a pub.

Adventures don’t have to be outdoors.

For instance, research something you have always wondered about.

Look through your pictures and find some that spark interest.

Look out of the window and keep notes on everything you see for 15 minutes.

Watch a documentary.

Don’t look at your novel during your adventures. Just engage yourself fully in the process of adventuring.

Do take notes of ideas that pop up when on an adventure.

And after the adventure? Go back to your novel.

And write.

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