Right now

I have a cute bag that I carry with me around the house, with all sorts of pens, my current art journal, watercolours, clippings and a lot of other crafty items in it.

I have decluttered my crafting supplies and knew I had in there what I needed. But, I knew I could do better.

I emptied the bag over on the bed and then took the items in it in my hand, and I asked myself if I needed it around me all the time.

It was funny, I put stuff back in the bag and then later pulled it out again.
I just couldn’t decide 🙂

Then I started all over again, thinking about what I would need to have me in the room I was in, right now.

That was easy 🙂 I put a few things back and the rest is in another bag, ready to be taken to my office.

The right now part is very important in the question I asked myself because I am VERY good at someday.

Oh, someday I might need this so I will put it in there.

I know one day soon I will be ready to use my stamps and stencils in my art journal. If I need it my stamping supplies, I will know where it is, for the rest, I have everything I need for my daily crafting/journaling sessions.
What do you need around you right now? What can you store away for later use?

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