Refocusing on my reading habit

Reading is a priority for me this year. I wanted to change a lot in my habits to make time for reading.

But it is hard to change something you have done for a long, long time. Case in point: I want to start my days with reading for a while.

I have failed on that majorly over the past few weeks. I grabbed my phone again or played a game, and on some days I ended up not reading at all because I was distracting myself.

Falling off the wagon like that is to be expected when you try to change your habits, but boy, it is annoying 🙂

So, I am committing myself to refocus. I am going to write out a list of daily routines and reading is going to be on both the morning and the evening routines list. Just writing out things like that really helps me get out of my messy, creative brain long enough to get things done.

I will get back to this topic later, and let you know how I have done 🙂

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