Reading these past weeks

I am all over the place with my reading habits these past weeks. All over the place meaning: not doing a very good job. I have finished two books, one of them being a really short one.

That is just abysmal.

The reason is pain. I have written about the sudden pain in my left foot that drives me nuts. I am seeking distractions and the thing that doesn’t really do the job is reading.

Another reason is lack of sleep, the pain is a big cause of that one.

Through this all I have found that I really need to read to keep my sanity intact. I have been watching a LOT of crap tv, and that has to stop. The best way to get me to change my habits is to write about the change I want on my blog 😀

I am going to head out into comfort read land. I am going to read only books that I have read before and really want to read again, or books that are a great distraction, like whodunnits or romance novels.

All to get me back into the habit again, because I miss it!!!

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