Reading a book in French!

Last year, I started to learn French, using the Duolingo app. I started the challenge because I wanted to read one of my favorite books in its original language: Le Petit Prince.

I’ve had a year of French at school, but all that knowledge was far away from my brain.

I tried to read it at the start of the year, but I had to look up too many words.

Then, last weekend, we walked along the Seine in Paris and I found a concise Junior version of the book at one of the book vendors there.

I read the back cover at the kiosk and understood enough of the words to know what the text was. I was so excited.

I spent 5 euros on the book, and have already read 2 pages. It is exhausting as it is sometimes hard to decipher a line, but I know I will get better at it. I have bought some other books to read after this, two comics, because I figured the language would be pretty easy to understand in those.

I have a page in my journal dedicated to French words that I had to look up, and between that and Duolingo, I am probably soon ready to add the full version of Le Petit Prince to my currently reading list. So exciting!

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