Put up a Do Not Disturb sign

Sometimes life can get darn overwhelming. If you don’t watch out the overwhelm will lead to stress and then to even worse things.

Ever since the internet was born we can stay connected 24/7, and sometimes we feel pressured to do so. Social networks tend to be the worst. First you have a couple of friends. It is easy to keep up. Then you get more friends, and inevitably you get to a certain point where you know it you feel you have to spend hours to catch up on your reading and still you fail in reading it all.

All this is turning us into cannon fodder for our ego’s. I don’t like being that, soI am all for two things to change. One is that it’s OK to not be able to ever catch up. The second is to put up do not disturb signs.

I am known for putting up those signs. Sometimes I just withdraw into myself for a couple of days and my friends know that at those times I am not reachable. I notice that some of my friends go through the same kind of phases. It’s natural to withdraw into yourself sometimes and to just be with you, get to see what matters to you again.

I learned that from my mom. She raised four kids. We all knew that if she walked with a book and a bag of licorice into the front room, it was her way of saying, “do not disturb, I need to be with me for a while.”

And the fun thing is this. I post a new blog post every day. It’s something I have decided to do. But, I don’t blog every day. On days where I hang a do not disturb sign I schedule posts, and schedule the promo’s for twitter and Facebook. My online persona never sleeps or reads a book, but over the coming week or so, that’s just what I am doing 🙂

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