Positive Journaling

A couple of years ago I’ve decided that my journaling is never going to be negative. I had done years of morning pages and just couldn’t stand keeping those thoughts on paper or on my computer anymore.

I tore up the journals and shredded them, and tossed away the digital archives.

You won’t believe the relief I felt by doing that. It was immense.

Ever since I chose not to dwell on negative thoughts or on bad things that have happened to me.

One of the big reasons why is that I don’t want negative thoughts to linger on paper, I liken them to clouds. I want them to drift past and leave me in peace looking at the blue sky of my mind

I used to mull about things I had done or said, or not done, and keep those thoughts alive in my head.

I used to break myself down and constantly say negative shit about myself, and I am so done with that cycle.

This doesn’t mean I am living life as an airy-fairy sort of woman, but I have enough stuff to deal with on a daily basis that adding piles of negative thoughts to my life doesn’t help me heal. On the contrary, in fact.

So, what DO I journal about?

Well, I have my (almost) daily gratitude log, I write about accomplishments or new things I have discovered. I write about my creative adventures and about wonderful experiences. I write about things I have conquered in myself.

For starters.

And sometimes I write nothing at all on paper for weeks, but just post pictures with a short description in my digital journal.

Anything goes.

As long as it doesn’t make me feel like crap.

(Blogpost inspired by a conversation I had with a friend. She writes about it here)

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