Playful Introvert

I love to play, and I am a complete introvert. The latter is something I have only grown to accept during the past years.

I have learned to use being an introvert as a strength. Many of the gifts I possess, many of my exploits are all super duper introverted magic. They also have one thing in common: I can do my work in blissful silence.

Some things aren’t, but I have learned to cope. For instance: I get completely overwhelmed in groups of people and usually need days to recover.

Here are some tips for all of you who struggle with being an introvert.

Find your play
If you find your play (for me that is creating) you will find that it is perfectly suited to your introverted self. You were born for it, after all. ?

Find your coping strategies
When I get overwhelmed by people or by situations, I go to the bathroom and breathe in deep to the stomach. I then imagine that as I breathe in, I imagine I blow up a pretty white balloon around me, and that balloon is keeping me safe from being overwhelmed again. It works like a charm!

Find your quiet
Your alone time is sacred. It is where you heal and where you regain energy. Treat it as such.

Accept yourself
This is the most important tip of all. Self-love and self-acceptance make life a whole lot easier for you. Stop swimming against the stream, trying to act like an extrovert and flinging energy all over the place. You are perfect, just the way you are.

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