Play with your writing

You have a couple of days of NaNoWriMo under your belt right now, and I hope you are doing well. 

This usually is an easy week, this first NaNo week. The dreaded middle of NaNo is right around the corner, though. 

I am always a fan of changing how what and where I write before I get totally bored with my novel. One of my solutions is always to play with my novel and writing.

Here are some of my top tips:

Always writing in your office? Why not write at the kitchen table, in a cafe, in the train? Make a list of possible writing locations. 

You can also change how you write your novel. If you type it, you could try longhand for a while, see how pen and paper helps you to stay in the story.  

Write a scene that is taking part in a different part of the story, a scene you’ve been looking forward to write. See how that changes your story for the better. 

Write a letter from one of your main characters to another character in your book. 

Try to write at a different time of day, get up a little earlier to get some words in and see how that changes your writing.

Write a chapter from another character’s viewpoint, and then write that same chapter from your main character’s viewpoint. Which one do you like better?

You can also try and find someone to write with, having word wars where you write for a stretch of time and then compare word counts. It is so much fun, I’ve had a writing partner for the past years, and our word wars make me a lot more productive 🙂

What’s your favourite solution?

PS Those who have known me for a while must find the title familiar, it used to be the name of a blog 😀

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