Perfectionism is overrated

I call myself a recovering perfectionist.

Perfectionism can keep you from writing or from finishing something because it wants you to either stop writing (because what you wrote makes no sense) or keep editing and editing until you take the soul out of a story.

Perfectionism, in other words, is toxic to a writer.

And especially in this stage of your writing, your work is supposed to be imperfect. You should be pouring words onto the empty page, not edit what you wrote.

You should be making up stuff as you go along.

You can always fix mistakes, weird plot turns, plot holes and all other things in the editing phase.

And those edits won’t be perfect either.

I’ve read through things I published years ago and my toes curl and anxiety rises within the first few pages.

But declaring your work done is better for the soul than tinkering with words until the end of time is.

So go on, keep writing. Ditch perfectionism!

And when the perfectionism monster rears its ugly head, just stick out your tongue, and keep on writing!

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