On Journaling

My Journal is my safe haven, my sacred space to share my innermost thoughts and ideas, my notions of self, my bliss.

It is where I muse about life, about my ideas about myself, and it is the place where I work out what I can do to make my life better.

I keep a bullet journal too, and that is a perfect space for my self-care.

I keep a daily tracker, where I track several things. It is helping me so much.

Every day I write down ABC’s for weather, asthma, sleep and pain levels. A is good, B is ok and C is bad.

If I get all huffy about not having done much on a day, I  just look up to my tracker and see that it was, for instance, a bad asthma day, or that the weather was really bad on that day (my asthma can be triggered by weather, pain is also influenced by (winter) weather).

That deflates the self-destructive vibe and immediately sends me into a state of gratitude.

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