On having creative adventures while being an introvert

It is closing in on summer, and that means that I will be strapping on my backpack for some awesome creative adventures!

I will hop on the train somewhere I like, spend some hours there exploring/visiting a museum/journaling/drawing/whatever I want and then head home again.

I have these adventures while being a complete introvert, and I wanted to share the ways I keep my introvert side protected while being out and about.

  1. Have me-time on the train – I do most of my journaling on the road, most of my reading, too. I just love to sit, listen to shards of a conversation I pick up and write, write write. I often make notes for future blog posts from ideas I get while the train takes me along lots of different landscapes. Headphones are an awesome way to get even more into my own world.  
  2. Do audio tours in museums – You learn a lot while listening, and no one bothers you as they are in their own world too.
  3. Pick your moments to connect – I often sit at group tables for lunch, or on park benches where others can join me, and I have pleasant enough conversations then.
  4. Have routines to calm down – One of the things I really hate is being in crowds that move me along. It does happen sometimes, even when going to a city during the week. I often go to the bathroom afterward and focus on my breathing, or find the nearest park. Both do wonders to calm me down again.
  5. Accept the reality – “Stop acting up, you are an adult.” Saying things like those to myself don’t help me any with social anxiety. What does help is nourishing myself, and giving myself what I need to have a great day.
  6. Be kind – I always strive to be kind to others and to myself. I smile at the woman at the checkout, and at the man guarding the room with the paintings I want to see. It doesn’t cost me anything but it does give me a boost of energy when I see a smile break through on their faces.

No matter what, I love having my creative adventures. And of course, sometimes I do some stupid things or blabber when I don’t know what to say. That doesn’t take anything away from having a great time!

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