On fleeting ideas

I was taking pictures of snow just now, and all of a sudden an idea for a blog post jumped into my brain.

I loved the idea, and I decided to jump on my laptop right away.

I turned it on and landed straight into my browser. My eye was drawn to something. I clicked it away. I rushed to my blog’s tab, clicked new post and then… Nothing.

The idea was gone.

I thought of the snow, remembered something that happened in my childhood and decided to write that instead.

400-ish words later I scheduled the blog post and opened a new window. I tried to go back to the mindset I had when watching the snow and slowly but surely, something dripped into my brain.

I typed, and it turned into something completely different

I finished the post, scheduled it, and opened a new post window.

And stared at the blank page.

Then this post idea just started to write itself.

And I realised something.

Sometimes it is not about the idea you get. Sometimes it isn’t about that brilliant thing you really should write.

Sometimes it’s about getting your ass behind your keyboard to write.

That’s it.

And, oh irony of all ironies, another blog post idea came up. I am going to write it before it goes away again 🙂

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