On embedding routines

I am making my life simpler, have more energy for creativity and I do more than I did before.

How you ask?

I’ve embedded routines.

For instance, when I clean the bathroom sink, I clean the toilet in one go, sweep the floor and then a couple minutes later I am done.

It took me a while to get the routine down, but now it is just done in a flash.

The routine isn’t just for my housework. I also have a morning routine for myself. Brush teeth, clean skin, put on my face cream, deodorant etc.

This routine is so ingrained that when I am brushing my teeth, my hand already seeks out my skin cleanser. And then when I am done brushing my teeth, I clean and put away the brush without a thought. It’s just so simple.

When I have my routines embedded in my system, I just do them without thinking. It costs way less energy to clean and tidy away stuff (my new routine in training) that I have way more energy left in the day to create.

It’s a win-win situation.

What can you turn into a routine?

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