On creative jealousies

“I wish I could do that too”

Do you ever catch yourself at thinking this when looking at someone else’s art? Reading their writing, seeing a video?

I readily admit that I go there, several times a day sometimes, especially when watching videos by other artists.

But I know this for a fact. Art is a craft. You get better at making art in the way you want to make it, by making art, every single day. I know that sounds like a doozy, but it is the easiest ever to forget.

I can’t paint like van Gogh in one day. I don’t even want to paint like him. I want to paint like me. I want to create something that takes my own breath away.

I had that experience the other day when I looked through my art folder. I just stared at a piece and felt shivers run down my back.

So, the next time you catch yourself in being jealous of someone else’s work, grab a pen and paper and create. Learn what your own unique style is with every poem, story, drawing.

And smile, because you are really discovering who you are with every stroke of the pen.

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