I did my first NaNoWriMo in 2004, and the other day I sat down and added everything I have written ever since in Scrivener and in the same directory. I took out the three projects that are current, one non-fiction book that is between the second and third draft, one novel that wants to go to the second draft soon and one short story that needs one round of editing before I submit it.

When I was done I had a folder with 27 projects.

The projects in the archived folder vary between some half-baked ideas and a 70.000 word first draft of a novel I had no idea about how to finish. I think about half of that novel needs to be trashed straight away 🙂

There are some short non-fiction projects in there, some collections of old blog posts that need to be heavily edited before they can be a book.

All this stuff never shared a folder, everything was scattered in archives on several cloud accounts and USB drives.

A lot of the projects will probably never be finished. The ones from 2004 to 2010-ish are all projects where I learned how to write. Projects where I found my voice.

I added them to the one folder too because I had to see something I desperately needed: I need to finish stuff!

So, in order to do just that, I am using NaNoWriMo to finish my three current projects in several ways.

I want to bring the non-fiction project to beta reader stage. I want to finish the second draft of the novel, and I want to submit the short story.

And after everything on this list is either published or with an agent if I decide to go the traditional route, I will look at the projects on my drive and pick the next one.

PS I also have about 100 short stories and even more poems. Goes to show I DEFINITELY need to think about finishing stuff! 🙂

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