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Last year I wrote a month-long series, all about self-care during NaNoWriMo, and I really loved the daily writing push. So this year, I want to write here too.

With the Coronavirus and the subsequent self-isolation (being high risk and all) I have lost the will to write for a bit. It’s hard on your mental health to be sure.

Time to change that!

I also keep a writing log in my bullet journal

My plan was inspired by a blog post I wrote last year, called Keep a Progress Log.

That habit has fallen by the wayside, and I think it’s about time I restart it!

So my plan is to keep a writing log on here, of sorts. I will keep track of what I’ve worked on, and share insights I’ve had during the writing, what I’ve learned from the writing books I’m reading this month and what inspired me.

I realise it probably won’t be of much interest to others, but it will keep me in the rhythm of writing, and it would be lovely someone will be inspired to do the same.

So here’s to November, may she be filled with a lot of words!

I will probably post the first writing log later today, but I might just wait until tomorrow 🙂

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