My Simple Self Care Routine

The other day my eyes fell on a term I hadn’t seen before: Radical Self Care.

I tried to figure out what it meant and found that several people defined it in many different ways. I took from it that Radical Self-Care is about putting yourself first in a fierce manner, going above and beyond to help yourself first.

I suck at self-care, and I am nowhere near ready for the Radical aspect of it.

To make my life better I decided to make a list of ten ways that I can take care of myself that are

a. low energy so I can do them on every day, no matter how I feel

b. so simple that I can easily integrate them into my daily life.

This is the result:

My Simple Self Care Routine

  1. Journaling. Nothing says self care like sitting down with your journal and write about everything you feel you can entrust to your page.
  2. Walk. Walking mindfully, with all your attention on the present moment, is more healing than meditation for me. Note: you can replace walking with Yoga or dance. Both have a similar effect.
  3. Eat (or drink) your fruits and veggies. Eating foods that are good for your body may not be as delicious as that candy or the french fries, but your body will thank you with abundant energy.
  4. Take a bath. Hot water. Nice smelling bath soap. A good book or podcast. A deep sigh of relief as you sink into the warm water. Pure bliss! (If you don’t have a bath, have a shower, using some delicious smelling soaps)
  5. Stop being so fucking hard on yourself. Accept yourself in this moment. Let go of the past. The best thing you can do for yourself in the long (and short!) run.
  6. Read. Just you and a book is such simple joy. Read something that nourishes your spirit, or something that makes you laugh so hard you forget all that weighed you down. Added benefit is that most of the time people will leave you alone when you read.
  7. Listen to your body. For many this is a lost art. They live in their brains and only notice they have a body when it protests against the neglect. Change. Listen to your body. Rest when it asks for it.
  8. End your evenings quietly. Turn off your phone, your laptop, your tablet. Spend time with just you. Journal. Plan. Read. Doodle. Do anything that makes the stress of the day flow away.
  9. Find a craft. This is one of the best ways to focus your attention on the moment. I love to knit and crochet. Doing my crafts is my best meditation.
  10. Breathe. When you are in the elevator, or in line for the bus, or in a traffic jam, take a few moments to notice your breath. Breathe in through your nose, out through your mouth. Notice how breath feeds you and nourishes your body. Repeat this a couple of times and smile at yourself.

What is your self care list?

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