My favourite Essential Oils

It’s gratitude month on my blog! During this month I want to share how to increase gratitude and things I am grateful for this year. This post falls into the latter category.

I have started to use essential oils in earnest this year. I have tried so much to find wellness, and I felt something was missing in my explorations of what can help me.

I talked about the oils with some of my friends, and finally decided to take the plunge. I knew from the start that I wanted to take it seriously, given that I felt it was something I’d want to pass on. So, I started a course in Aromatherapy too.

Here are my favourite oils + the experiences I’ve had with them.

I love peppermint! I have made a roll-on stick with peppermint in coconut oil and roll it on my knee when my knee hurts, and on my forehead/side of the head when I have a headache and on my stomach when it’s upset. Really, really love it!

Eucalyptus is a daily essential. When my asthma acts up or if I start to get sniffly, I use a roll on with eucalyptus essential oil mixed with coconut. I roll the roller on my hand and then inhale from there. I also roll it under my nose when feeling extra stuffy. I also add it to my diffuser (like today). I am currently experimenting with a mixture of eucalyptus and some other oils on my knee, to see if that helps even better.

Use Cinnamon in my diffuser together with eucalyptus when I start to feel a bout of the flu coming on. Have also used it as a mouth rinse, when I had a bad taste in my mouth 🙂

(Or any other citrus oil for that matter) I have a big love affair with orange! I diffuse it in the office, sometimes mixed with peppermint or patchouli. Instant happiness! It really helps me focus on my writing this way. Hence, the love affair 🙂

Add this to my diffuser against the winter blues. Also found a skin care recipe that I might try to use it for.

I adore the scent of patchouli. It is so earthy and so feminine for me. Every time I diffuse it I feel more grounded. I also have it in a blend by a Dutch company, called back to earth. It really helps me when I start to think too much 😀

I use cedar for sleep, it really helps me calm down. Have recently added Roman Chamomile to the mix for that purpose, might try to blend both and see what happens!

Experiences may vary

Essential oils are a personal experience first and foremost. A scent may mean something entirely different for you as it does for me. Lavender, for instance, is used by many to help sleep. It makes me feel congested and sneezy. I can use it topically blended with oil, for instance on my knee, as long as I don’t smell it, I am good 😀

I sometimes forget that part, like this weekend, when I had such a headache, that I tried every remedy in the book! I tossed lavender in my diffuser and fell asleep. I woke up 15 minutes later, wheezing and coughing like mad. When I inhaled eucalyptus, my lungs were happy again 😀

My next essential oil exploration will be for pain. I will probably make a remedy and put it in a little roll-on stick with coconut oil. For me, using the roll on  (like pictured with this article) is almost meditative and you get a massage with the little metal ball to boot!

If you would like some advice on essential oils, don’t hesitate to ask!

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