My drawnotes

I have a small notebook, a Moleskine soft cover, that is one of my daily companions.

It’s not my planner, that is what my pocket Filofax is for. It’s not a journal either.

I don’t talk about my day in it, or how the weather was.

I don’t write lists in it either. If I need to write a list, I have post-its.

It is very important to me though.

I’ve rediscovered drawnotes after I started my journal clearing process. I used to keep drawnotes several years ago, and when I held my first drawnotes in my hands, I knew I missed something in my life.

I dove into my drawer of empty notebooks, marked one of them as drawnotes, attached two pens to it, and that was that.

So, what are drawnotes and why is it so important to me to keep one?

Drawnotes is a notebook full of ideas, thoughts, things I’ve read that interest me, quick little sketches of things I see.

It is flawed, filled with things that will probably never see the light of day in any other form.

I add quotes that touch me, or describe something I see that touches or inspires me.

I use my drawnotes to learn, there’s a page with French words I learn from reading books in French.

I write down interesting concepts I want to learn more about.

I sketch out plans for the day, or things I would like to sell on Etsy one day.  I write a poem that just needs to be thrown on paper, or I scribble an inspiring thought that I need to save for later.

I write a summary of my day, sometimes, or a page of things I am grateful for.

My drawnotes are deliciously random and so me.

And then when it’s finished, it will join my first drawnotes book on my desk to flip through for inspiration for creativity, blog posts, anything.

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