My 12 rules for getting well again

I had something entirely different planned to post today, but then I found this scribbled note in my stack of notes to transcribe. I loved it so much, that I decided to share it right away.

Goes to show that sometimes all you need is to read something that you wrote years before ?

Here they are ?

1. Drink only water, tea and fresh juices.
2. Dance daily.
3. Create daily, make your art your focus.
4. Make veggies your main course.
5. Sing like that is the only thing you can do.
6. Smile all day long.
7. Hug. Hug some more.
8. Take long walks.
9. Breathe away fear.
10. Live now. In each moment your joy.
11. Release clutter.
12. Be you. Stop trying to be, or act like, anyone else.

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