Living with chronic pain

I wanted to write about chronic pain, but struggled on how to do that in a way that shows how I leap to joy even when in a nasty pain flare.

I decided to focus on this moment, and on the simple joys that can be found within.

I’m in bed at the moment, as my chronic pain is flaring up, and I’m in a lot of pain because of it.

Yet I’m here to write my blog post, smiling because the music I’m listening to makes me so happy.

I have tea and a purring cat, and soft pillows to lean into.

when it comes to chronic pain (or other health issues), feeling miserable is an option, not a requirement.
my current mantra that helps me seek joy

If I would focus on the pain only, I would be bloody miserable.

I do what I can to mitigate the pain, I take my meds, I rest my foot, and do whatever I can to stay relaxed.

But it doesn’t have to steal my joy.

I’ve also learned over the years that I shouldn’t expect too much, focusing on “should do” instead of “can do”.

I don’t sit here wishing I would be in my office, working to make it the most perfect place.

That would make me bloody miserable too.

Simplicity is key here. And gratitude.

I am so immensely grateful right now that I can sit here to write this post, no matter what is going on physically.

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