Lessons from not writing

I haven’t written anything on my novel this past week. I had some very good reasons for not writing, but those weren’t the reasons why I didn’t write. I wanted to pick up my pen several times in fact, but I stopped myself.

I wanted to figure out what would happen if I just thought about my new novel. No writing, just letting ideas flow.

In the end this writing starvation has taught me a lot. Here are some of those lessons.

  1. I love my novel. I love it even more now than I did last Friday, when I wrote the last couple of pages.
  2. The ideas I have generated during this past week for my novel are so good, and filling up several stale parts/plot holes/etc.
  3. I love to sit in the (passenger seat of the) car and ponder about my characters while I stare out of the window. New ideas happen in a daydream!
  4. I am so grateful I am a writer!

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