Knitting all over the house

I’ve decided that, along with my weekly scheduled posts on Wednesday, I want to post on Friday as well, when I feel so moved, and talk about a creative ongoing project.

This time I want to share about a couple of bags that are present throughout our 3 storey home.

Knitting projects. Specifically: socks.

Downstairs in my office I’m knitting some pink and blue ones, in my living room it’s bright purple and in the bedroom I have a purple/pink blend ongoing.

Knitting is like a meditation for me, when I pick up the needles when I am in pain, just sitting and listening to the tapping of the needles is all I need to centre myself.

The ones in the bedroom are the best distractions for days where I am stuck in bed feeling like crap. Grabbing my needles and knitting while watching a show is a delight.

And I am very happy that I decided that I can have as many socks on the go as I want to. For creativity.

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