Just charge your Fitbit, some thoughts on Bullet Journaling

This morning my Fitbit app told me that the battery was low, and I plugged my Fitbit in the charger when I turned on my laptop to write this blog post.

In the past I would have written this in my bullet journal for a quick check-off, or just to forget it. And that’s where the problem with bullet journaling is for me sometimes.

I write things down and forget them until I run into them again when I go through my bullet journal at the end of the week.

What I do write down is things that align with my goals for the week/month/year. I write that I want to edit a chapter in my novel, that I want to continue to give everything a home in my office, and that I want to sort through my poetry for the collection I want to publish in 2020.

I also write down when I have created something new, or what I’ve done for my novel.

This way my bullet journal becomes a tremendous driving force for my goals. That makes it super functional for me, even without easy check-offs like charge my Fitbit 🙂

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