It’s ok to make mistakes

I have to confess something.

It is not something I am proud of. It is, in fact, something I have hated in me, and yet… it keeps on happening.

And today, a day where I have nothing planned, blog wise, I think it is time I write it down.

I get into complete panic mode when I make mistakes or do or say something stupid. It feels like the floor opens up under my feet and swallows me whole. Sometimes I would wish it did.

I think this stems from being bullied at school. Because when you make mistakes, you get noticed. In a bad way. And as a bully victim it meant I had to prepare for even more bullying than usual.

So I say sorry as an escape mechanism, really.

And I am sick of it.

So I am here, in the safety of my blog, to tell myself that it is ok to make mistakes. To say stupid things. To live. To make my art.

And to hold the wounded child in me and never let her go.

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