Involve your senses – Sound

Music is essential to writing for me. I usually put on whatever puts me in the mood to write. 

I can also be a complete nerd when it comes to my writing music. 

Sometimes I listen to an album on repeat while writing a long form project. For my current novel I’ve listened on repeat to the Blade Runner 2049 soundtrack. The instrumentals fit my novel pretty perfectly. 

I’ve also created playlists for novels, each setting the right atmosphere for writing or my novel’s setting. 

Sometimes I put on music that prepares me to have a little dance break between writing sessions. I’m playing the fantastic record by Fontaines DC and you better believe it that I’m going to jump up and dance the moment I’ve finished this post. 

I either can write with music on, or I need silence. 

There’s nothing in between. There’s no: oh I can write with an ambient background only. 

There are other sounds I like when writing too. The sound of my diffuser for instance is so relaxing.

As is the sound of a cat purring next to me. 

What do you love to listen to while writing? Does you

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