Involve your senses – smell

Time for another sense, and this time, that sense is smell. 

I invoke the sense of smell a lot at my desk. I use aromatherapy as a part of my writing ritual, adding just a couple of drops of my favourite scents to an aroma stone, en then basking in the smell. 

If you are interested in doing the same, the scents that always get me in a writing mood are some kind of citrus, like orange or grapefruit. Sometimes I add some peppermint too, when I need an extra kick in the pants. 

I also add eucalyptus a lot, especially when my asthma acts up. 

This my preferred way to add scent. 

Other suggestions are: 

– add some fresh flowers 

– use aromatic room sprays 

– a fresh plate of cookies 😂

Don’t forget to use scent in your writing too. You don’t just hear or see things either, but use all your senses (including those not yet discussed in this series). 

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